Men's Woven Sari Silk Handmade Button Down Pocket Shirt - Size Small - Rust Muted Floral - Lachlan G745

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Stunning rust muted floral Mumtaz men's button-down shirt made from genuine Indian sari silk material. This high quality material is outstanding!

Inspired by the lovely colors of India, I designed and made this shirt to brighten up men's wardrobes. The Lachlan shirt is made from woven silk, giving it a sturdier drape than my other men's silk shirts. This stiffer material is durable and form fitting.

Muted floral on rust with a bit of sheen make the Lachlan shirt outstanding! Fashioned into a traditional style, the collar of this shirt is lightly stiffened, and it comes with a left-side pocket. A spare button is included inside above the waistline.

I had enough material left in order to make a matching little boy's shirt listed in the Baby and Toddler Boy's Clothing section.

This medium weight, breathable material dries very quickly, which is ideal for hot summers, traveling, and tropical climates.

* Sizes Available: Small
* Color: Lachlan
* Material: Indian silk/polyester

Garment Sizing:
SMALL - Arms 9.25"/23 cm, Length 28.5"/72 cm, Chest 42"/1.07 m
MEDIUM - Arms 9.5"/24 cm, Length 29.5"/75 cm, Chest 43"/1.09 m
XLARGE - Arms 10.5"/27 cm, Length 32"/81 cm, Chest 50"/1.27 cm

A note about Sari Silk Material - all my material is/was bought new in India where we lived for two years. Sari fabric also may have what others would call "imperfections". Tiny white specks where the ink missed, miniscule snags in this delicate material, chalk marks from the manufacturer, etc. These are not blemishes, but an inherent part of this original, ethnic material. I try to note "marks" when noticeable, and do not sell any significantly damaged items.

Please keep in mind that sari material is delicate and will snag easily. The women of India make it look easy...carrying buckets on their heads, children on their hips...but regardless, care should be taken with this handmade garment.

Care instructions: Machine or hand wash cool on gentle cycle. Hang dry, and iron lightly.

Thanks for supporting and encouraging independent artisans!! Mumtaz Creations est. 2008.