Cotton Linen, Hand-Painted, Crocheted Women's Lightweight Summer Hat - Purple Rain 100B

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Lightweight and airy, this hat is perfect in the summertime. It is hand-crafted from a cotton\/linen blend yarn, hand-painted (dyed) in beautiful, effeminate shades of purple.

Linen (flax) is a naturally derived fiber that has been used for clothing and rope for thousands of years. It is extremely strong, and blended with cotton makes it soft and drapey.

* Size: Adult Medium - fits 20.5-22" heads
* Color: Purple Rain - hand-dyed in lavender, plum, dark rose
* Material: 70% Cotton, 30% Linen (flax)

Due to the uniquely hand-painted nature of this yarn, you'll never see another garment of its kind! I made matching children's hats with this skein, and together these would make a nice mommy-baby gift. See the Hat and Bootie Sets and Toddler Hat sections in our store or search for the color name.

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