Eco-Friendly Toddler Girl Bonnet Hat Made of Natural Soybean Fiber - Rose 209

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All natural fiber went into this hand-stitched girl's bonnet. Soybean parts that remain from the production of food goods are put to good use in the making of soybean yarn. You'll be amazed at how soft, flexible, yet strong the finished product is.

Because you care what goes next to your child's skin, nothing artificial is used in the making of this hat. I even used a bamboo crochet hook to hand-stitch this ribbon yarn into a precious bonnet. Then added a scalloped ruffle for extra sweetness!

*Size: 2T-5T
*Color: Soft Rose
*Material: 100% Soybean Protein fiber

Soybean yarn is heavier than other fibers, but has a soft, comfortable drape. It's elasticity allows this hat to fit children from 2 to 5 years, and will gently stretch with wear and washing. Care instructions include hand washing in cold, reshape, then lay flat to dry.

Other soybean hat colors include: Evergreen, Lavender, Grey and Brick Red. Message us for your custom made eco-hat!

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