Fuchsia Pink Hand-Dyed Plied Cotton, Wool Youth Girls Crocheted Hat - Peppermint Twist 233

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This hand-stitched girl's hat is made from soft hand-painted fiber. Wool and cotton combine for softness, style, and versatility - an ideal year 'round hat. I've designed this hat with a loose weave which will leave your child feeling comfortable and carefree.

This is a plied, or twisted yarn - one strand of white, and two pinks, lovingly crocheted together for a special hat. See the close-up photo for more detail.

Size: 18" unstretched- fits most 5-10 yrs
Color: Peppermint - twisted fuchsia and white
Materials: wool, cotton

For siblings, we also have a similar hat of this same style and color listed in our Baby Hat section (see Peppermint 231)! See this and many other handcrafted wearable art items in our store. We strive to make every item unique, partly from our fine selection of hand-painted, high quality, and vintage yarns.

Due to the hand-dyed, hand-twisted nature of this hat, you'll never see another one like it! Care recommendations included with every item. International shipping is available.

Special thanks to Steve Renner and family for the great photos! See Steve's nature photography at: http://www.shutterfly.com\pro\steverennerphotography\nature (copy and paste to browser)

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