Incredibly Soft Hand Painted Wool Winter Toddler Hat - Orange and Pink - Poppy 108

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You'll find warmth and beauty in this lovely wool hat, without the typical scratchy feel of ordinary wool. The texture and color blend of the yarn used ensure you'll never see another baby with the same hat!

* Size: 1T to 3T
* Color: Poppy - an array of orange, rust, goldenrod, fuschia, and cocoa
* Material: 100% hand-painted soft wool

The fiber used in this hat stretches quite a bit, so it should fit for a long time! Care recommendations: hand wash in cool, lay flat to dry.

Please see our store for a wide selection of hats, scarves, and other fun apparel. We enjoy creating items from natural fibers such as wool, soy, hemp, silk, organic cotton and recycled materials.

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