Little Girl's Crocheted Hand Dyed Cotton Beanie Hat - Grape Plus 428

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An elegant toddler girl's hat handmade from hand-dyed cotton yarn. This lightweight hat captures many shades of rose and purple. This is a nice medium weight, year 'round hat, as cotton is cool in warmer weather.

* Size: 2T-5T+ 18" (unstretched)
* Color: Grape Plus
* Material: hand dyed cotton with rayon binder

Hand-painted items are unique because every batch of yarn comes out differently. Therefore, this is the only size of this hat available! This and all Mumtaz items are original, and stitched from self-designed patterns.

See our Etsy store for a wide selection of baby and children's hats, booties, diaper covers, and adult hats and scarves. We strive to make each item original, partly from our selection of fine, hand-painted and vintage yarns. We especially enjoy making fun apparel from natural sources such as cotton, bamboo, soy, hemp, banana and sari silk, and wool.

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