Ethnic Men's Hand Block Printed Indian Soft Cotton Button Down Casual Shirt - Size Large - Red Squares - Tanak H770

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Casual. Comfortable.

This unique Mumtaz Creations' cotton shirt is wearable fiber art for everyday wear. Fashioned in a comfortable V-neck or button down pattern, the Tanak shirt has ethnic style.

This material is medium weight with a soft, comfortable hand. I've made this to fit loosely, and can be worn tucked in or not.

Brick red concentric squares on ivory cotton accent this amazing shirt! Tanak is a Hindi name meaning "prize", which I thought was suiting for this shirt.

It is a handblock print from Jaipur, India, where I went to purchase unique fabrics during my time living in southern India! Handblock printing uses hand-carved wooden templates, natural dyes, and salt-water rinses in a 7 step process. Impressive!

The collar in our V- and round-neck shirts is flat yet lightly stiffened to prevent it from crumpling when worn. In keeping with the casual theme, there are no buttons, and no pocket on the V neck version. This durable material is quick drying, which is ideal for hot summers, traveling, and tropical climates. Light ironing may be required.

* Sizes Available: Large - round collar
* Color: Tanak
* Material: knit Indian cotton

Flat Garment Sizing:
LARGE - Arms 9"/23 cm, Length 31.5"/80 cm, Chest 48"/122 cm
XLARGE - Arms 9"/23 cm, Length 31.5"/80 cm, Chest 50"/127 cm

*** A note about Indian Material - all cottons have been prewashed/preshrunk before sewing. Some cottons, particularly hand-printed ones, will bleed slightly in the first couple washes. It is recommended to initially wash your garment in salt water to fix the colors. ***

Indian fabric also may have what others would call "imperfections". Tiny specks where the ink missed or overprinted, miniscule snags in this delicate material, chalk marks from the manufacturer, etc. These are not blemishes, but an inherent part of this original, ethnic material. I try to note "marks" when noticeable, and do not sell any significantly damaged items.

Care instructions: Hand wash cold (initially) to minimize ink bleeding. Hang dry, or tumble low heat.

Custom orders welcomed, as I have plenty of extra material. However, I usually can not duplicate the same color/print since this type of material is not sold in multiples.

Thanks for supporting independent artisans!! We're proud to have been creating originality since 2008.