Green Men's Handmade Indian Woven Cotton Lined Short Sleeve Button Down Dress Shirt - Size Large - Rainforest H787

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Handsome woven cotton lined men's shirt in a traditional button down, collared style.

This exclusive material is called Chettinadu, made in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu where we traveled while living in India. It is a sturdy weave, so I added a soft cotton lining for extra comfort and enhanced durability.

The Rainforest shirt is a variegated green stripe with a tree pattern throughout. It has an unstiffened collar and no chest pocket. A spare button is included inside above the waistline. The rich green colors give this shirt an earthy, artistic, and rooted feel.

This ethnic woven material dries very quickly, which is ideal for hot summers, traveling, and tropical climates. It is slightly iridescent, changing colors slightly in the sunlight! Fabulous!

* Sizes Available: Large
* Color: Rainforest
* Material: Indian woven Chettinadu cotton

Garment Sizing: LARGE - Length 29.5"/75 cm, Chest 46"/117 cm, Shoulders 19"/48 cm

A note about Indian Chettinadu Material - all cottons have been prewashed/preshrunk before sewing. Some cottons, particularly hand-printed ones, will bleed slightly in the first couple washes. This material has a slight odor when wet, but wears off after several washes.

Indian fabric also may have what others would call "imperfections". Tiny white specks where the ink missed, miniscule snags in this delicate material, chalk marks from the manufacturer, etc. These are not blemishes, but an inherent part of this original, ethnic material. I try to note "marks" when noticeable, and do not sell any significantly damaged items.

Care instructions: Machine or hand wash cold. Hang dry, or tumble low heat.

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