Handmade Sari Silk Short Sleeve Button Down Dress Men's Shirt - Medium or Large - Slate Blue Rust Rain - Pluja I909

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A colorful Mumtaz original men's shirt handmade from modern Indian sari material.

The Pluja (rain in Catalan) shirt features a stunning slate blue and rust rain pattern. A fantastic quality silk/polyester blend! Only two ever made!

This unique Mumtaz men's shirt is made with a French (flat) placket and flat seams, much like a pair of jeans. Our quality stitching results in a professional, enduring garment.

The collar is lightly stiffened, and it comes with a hidden left-side pocket. A spare button is included inside above the waistline.

This material is exquisitely soft, fashionable, and doesn't retain odors. When hung properly after washing, this shirt should not need to be ironed. This lightweight material dries very quickly, which is ideal for hot summers, traveling, and tropical climates.

*** The size Medium has a slight snag on the chest and has been therefore discounted. This material is delicate to sew with and occasionally has a mishap in the making. ***

* Sizes: Medium or Large
* Color: Pluja
* Material: sari silk/polyester

Actual Garment Sizing:
MEDIUM - Chest 45"/114 cm, Length 29.5"/75 cm
LARGE - Chest 47"/119 cm, Length 30"/76 cm

A note about Sari Material - all my material is/was bought fairly in India where we lived for two years. Although it is often termed "silk", this is more of a colloquial expression referring to a combination of polyester and silk. It is soft and exquisitely comfortable!

Sari fabric also may have what others would call "imperfections". Tiny white spots where the ink missed, miniscule snags in this delicate material, chalk marks from the manufacturer (which wash out), etc. These are not blemishes, but an inherent part of this original, ethnic material. I try to work around any such areas, and attempt to note "marks" when noticeable.

Please keep in mind that sari material is delicate and will snag easily. The women of India make it look easy...carrying buckets on their heads, children on their hips...but regardless, care should be taken with this handmade garment.

Care instructions: Machine wash gentle, or preferably hand wash. Hang dry, or tumble low heat.

Custom orders welcomed, as I have plenty of extra sari material. However, I usually can not duplicate the same color/print since sari material is not sold in multiples.

Thanks for looking and appreciating my Indian inspired men's shirts!!