Newborn Infant Hand-Dyed Wool and Mohair Beanie Hat - Sungold 399

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A lightweight, hand-dyed baby hat for your precious new addition! These bright sunshine colors are gender neutral, with a bit of sparkle. The mohair adds some softness and fuzziness, and combined with wool creates a cozy warm cap.

This hat is crocheted with hand-dyed, wool\/mohair yarn in gently fading shades of yellow and sunburst. This hat is so unique you can be sure you'll never see another one around.

* Size: 3-6+ mos
* Color: Sungold
* Material: hand-dyed wool, mohair with rayon binder

Hand-painted items are unique because every batch of yarn comes out differently. I do have some of this dye lot left, so for a limited time, this hat is available in these sizes:
0-3 MOS
3-6 MOS
6-12 MOS
12-24 MOS

Please convo for sizes\/prices if you'd prefer something other than the one listed. International shipping is available!

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