Recycled Cotton Sewn Unisex Light Blue Beanie Hat - Aspen 143C

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Eco-friendly, casual, comfortable. The Aspen hat is a uniquely designed beanie well suited for year round wear. Stunning blues with a winter theme, yet this lightweight cotton won't weigh you down. This original hat has been fashioned from an upcycled, high quality Old Navy sweater.

One-of-a-kind, made from a self-created pattern, you'll never see the same hat anywhere! This hat is also available as a Parent-Child set (see last thumbnail photo) in my other store under the same color name Aspen.

* Size: Adult Medium (20.5-22")
* Color: Aspen
* Material: recycled 60% cotton, 25% acrylic, 15% lambs wool

All Mumtaz Creations items are uniquely created one at a time. Find many other wearable art items in our shop, including many hand-painted fiber products, and crocheted items made from natural sources such as wool, silk, soy, hemp, alpaca, and cotton.

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