SALE - Ecofriendly Flower Style Womens Accent Scarf Crocheted with Recycled Materials - Rose Petal - 54B

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Imagine all those plastic water bottles that are discarded every day...and then yarn is made from ones that are salvaged and upcycled. This fiber is unbelievably soft considering its plastic origins.

I designed this hand-stitched scarf with a custom request in mind. It has a soft, curving, flower-like look, and will adorn your wardrobe beautifully. This scarf is sale priced due to a slight error I made, taking a 'wrong turn' while making it. This is only noticeable to the trained eye. My loss is your gain!

Size: 64" long, 2" wide
Color: Rose Petal
Material: 70% acrylic, 30% recycled polyester from soda and water bottles

This eco-friendly scarf is machine washable. Ask us about making a custom hat to complete your set! We welcome custom requests!

Please see my Etsy store for other adult and children's hats and accessories for every season. We enjoy creating wearable art items from carefully selected yarn sources including cotton, wool, soy, hemp, silk, flax and bamboo. At Mumtaz Creations all products are original designs and not produced from patterns.

Thanks for your interest!