Silky Soft, Crocheted Cotton Velour Chenille Toddler Hat - Purple Sparkle 418

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This ultra soft hat is one of my newest designs, and it captures many shades of purple. It has been crocheted with hand-painted, thick cotton velour chenille in gently fading shades of purple and pink. There is a matching rayon binder which gives some sparkle to this hat.

This is a nice year 'round hat, as cotton is cool in warmer weather. This is a short hat, not meant to cover the ears like a winter beanie.

This and all Mumtaz items are original, and not made from commercial patterns. However, I did design this one somewhat from a 1963 Woman's Day magazine that my grandma, a fellow crocheter, sent me for inspiration.

* Size: 1T-3T+ 18" (unstretched)
* Color: Purple Sparkle
* Material: Cotton velour chenille

Hand-painted items are unique because every batch of yarn comes out differently. Therefore, this is the only size of this hat available!

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