Soft Crocheted Women's Bonnet Hat with Bow Tie - Blue Green 88B

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An adorable year 'round hat hand-stitched with style. These colors are a bit different, and this hat is designed with a retro, almost traditional feel to it. Very cute, earthy, durable.

I've adorned this hat with an effeminate ruffle and bow tie to make it even more unique. It is adjustable in size with the tie. Hand washing is recommended, as this yarn will pill slightly if put in a washing machine.

* Size: Adult Sm/Med 20-22.5"
* Color: Bluish green
* Material: 100% colorfast acrylic

This hat is also available in baby and toddler sizes at our sister store The last thumbnail photo shows the Blue Green hat in toddler size, for an idea of how this one-of-a-kind creation looks.

See our store also for a wide selection of products made from natural fibers including cotton, wool, soy, hemp, silk, and recycled materials. All Mumtaz Creations products are original, from self-designed patterns.

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