Soft Hand Dyed Wool Youth Toddler Boys Beanie Winter Hat - Pele 356

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For the little man, this crocheted wool hat is ideal for fall, winter, and spring. This hand dyed wool fiber is lightweight, very soft, and stretchy. I particularly like this type of wool, which we use on our own child, because of its softness and durability.

*Size: 18-20" - fits most aged 2-5+
*Color: Pele - red, brown, and tan
*Material: 100% hand-painted, textured wool

Care recommendations include hand-washing in cool, reshape, then lay flat to dry. This fiber will stretch with wear, and is likely to fit for a long time.

This is the last item we have of this colorway. But, we have over 70 different color combinations of this type of hand-dyed soft wool, and would be happy to create the perfect baby or parent/child set for you. Convo us with preferred color choices and sizes. We use this wool often for soakers, so see our store for this and many other children's items!