Toddler Girl Hand-Painted Pure Wool Crocheted Beanie Hat - Violets 179

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This handmade girl's hat is made of very soft wool, and is lightweight. The fiber is so soft and non-scratchy that we use it for baby apparel. Hand-painted shades of violet, lavender, plum, and sage decorate this one-of-a-kind beanie hat. This textured fiber adds a dimension of fun, while the stretchy nature will provide years of wear for your little gal.

* Size: 17-19" fits most 2-5+
* Color: Violets
* Material: 100% Hand-painted wool

This wool hat is just one of the over 60 hand-painted colorways we have available in textured soft wool. Pick your favorite colors and send me a custom request!

See our store for a wide selection of baby hats, booties, diaper covers, and adult hats and scarves. We strive to make each item original, partly from our selection of fine, hand-painted and vintage yarns. We especially enjoy making fun apparel from natural sources such as cotton, bamboo, soy, hemp, banana and sari silk, and wool.

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