Toddler Girls Lined Ethnic Indian Cotton Sleeveless Dress - Sibling Matching - Jishnu 2871

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Adorable little girl's dress made of traditional Indian woven cotton sari material. This unique material is called Chettinadu from the Indian state of Tamil Nadu where we traveled to while living in India.

The Jishnu dress is a durable woven cotton, and fully lined for extra comfort. Comes with a zip-up back with a bit of burgundy piping along the edges. Fits girls in the 4-6 year old range, as this is a long dress.

There are two versions made: the first is mostly floral (photos 1-3), the second is half-n-half with polka dots on the bottom.

* Size: 4T- long
* Garment Measures: chest 24", length 26"
* Materials: Chettinadu woven cotton, crepe lining

I've made both a boy's shirt and a girl's dress for coordinating, each piece sold separately.

A note about Indian Chettinadu Material - all cottons have been prewashed/preshrunk before sewing. Some cottons, particularly hand-printed ones, will bleed slightly in the first couple washes. This material has a slight odor when wet, but wears off after several washes.

Indian fabric also may have what others would call "imperfections". Tiny specks where the ink missed, miniscule snags in this delicate material, chalk marks from the manufacturer, etc. These are not blemishes, but an inherent part of this original, ethnic material. I try to note "marks" when noticeable, and do not sell any significantly damaged items.

Care instructions: Machine wash cold. Hang dry, or tumble low heat.

Custom orders welcomed, as I have plenty of extra material. However, I usually can not duplicate the same color/print since sari and kurta material is not sold in multiples.

Thanks for looking and appreciating my Indian inspired family outfits!!