Youth Girl's Hand Dyed Lightweight Soft Wool Beanie Hat - Trixie 524

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This lightweight soft wool hat has been crocheted with high quality, hand-painted yarn. These fun shades will really show off your child's personality. These beautiful shades of lilac, turquoise, aqua, and brown are a modern, artsy combination!

This is a nice year 'round hat, as wool is warm in winter and cool in summer weather. This uniquely textured wool is remarkably stretchy, and thus fits a wide range of youth. Care instructions are included with every purchase.

* Size: Youth 5-10+ yr
* Color: Trixie
* Material: 100% Hand-painted wool

Hand-painted items are unique because every batch of yarn comes out differently. I do have some of this dye lot left, so for a limited time, this hat is available in baby and toddler sizes.

This wool hat is just one of the over 70 colorways we have available in textured soft wool. Pick your favorite colors and send me a custom request!

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We strive to make each item original, partly from our selection of fine, hand-painted and vintage yarns. We especially enjoy making fun apparel from natural sources such as cotton, bamboo, soy, hemp, banana and sari silk, and wool.

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